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Christmas 2015…

It’s easy to get carried away at Christmas, for all the wrong reasons… this year we made an intentional decision to simply focus on the family. This Christmas, we made no plans and stayed home to enjoy the company of each other.

We hung stockings on the fireplace that could hold only trinkets/smaller gifts and cut out exchanging big gifts to each other. Because of this, our kids got in on the action too – K rummaged through her little ‘treasures’ and wrapped up her gifts to us – a blue rubber glove for me (so my hands wouldn’t get dirty whenever I helped daddy outside) and a pad of sticky notes for Chris (because he always has to write notes when he is working). She stuffed them into our stockings a couple weeks prior without us knowing, and couldn’t hold her excitement when we pulled them out. She also drew a card for each of us – all of which I will keep forever!

Mama and papa came over in the morning, and because of the unusually warm weather, the kids were able to ride their bicycles outside (yes, in their PJs!). They were a little nervous at first since they hadn’t been on their bikes for almost 6 months, but Papa was able to coax them into riding down the hill and they just took off from there. Nolan kept saying he was tired but couldn’t never bring himself to stop riding.

In the afternoon we set up shop in the garage again to give the kids much needed haircuts, and came back into the house to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and banana muffins we had made together earlier in the week. After dinner, they started playing with some of the toys from their stockings. Their favourites? Safety goggles with built in LED lights (they had been asking for these for months to “copy daddy… and the dentist”), stickers, and a toy microphone.

This has been the best Christmas ever for us – all that we needed was quality time with the family.

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