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Update on the little stinks…

Well, it feels like eons since our last personal blog post. So, what’s new? Well the kids are growing up way too fast for me to even comprehend. Nolan is almost 1 years old. Kristen just turned 3 last week and is starting school in less than 2 months… HOW?!?!

Kristen has learned simple math and can now add a little on her own which is cute, and loves to emulate everything I do from photography, cutting the lawn, to even fixing my car. I really hope to get her in a go-kart next year, haha. Nolan is still the happiest little ball there is. He just recently learned to crawl forward (finally) about 2 weeks ago, and is already trying to walk everywhere!

A lot of times I feel like a mad man trying to juggle the family and work, but I am honestly so grateful to God for allowing me to be around so much watching them grow up.  All I can say, is count your blessings and cherish each and everyday….as hard as it can be at times.


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