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Laura and James – Borgata Wedding & Event Venue

I think Laura and James covered the most ground during their wedding so far this year, so it’s a good thing that the rain actually held off for most of the day. We started the morning East of the city in Port Perry, then made our way down to Scarborough for the ceremony, followed by Richmond Hill for photos and all the way west to Borgata in Vaughan for the reception.

Although no one broke any plates, there were many elements of Greek traditions throughout their wedding. During the ceremony at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Laura and James wore two crowns connected by a single strand of ribbon, sipped from a common cup, and walked around the centre table. All of these symbolize their union, ruling of their household together, and their commitment to each other throughout life’s journey. As they left the church, their guests all threw rice in the air to celebrate!

No Greek wedding is complete without dancing, and there was lots of it. The Kalamatianos (dancing in a circle shoulder to shoulder), the money dance, and even the ouzo dance… that’s the one where you dance around before using your mouth to pick up a shot glass filled with Ouzo off the floor and knocking it back.  Opa!

Photographers – Chris and Age
Church – St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Venue – Borgata Wedding and Event Venue
Written by – Age

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Borgata Wedding & Event VenueBorgata-Wedding-Event-Venue- 57Borgata-Wedding-Event-Venue- 58Borgata-Wedding-Event-Venue- 59Borgata-Wedding-Event-Venue- 60

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