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Jess and Kevin – Liberty Grand

Looking back to when we first met, we knew Jess and Kevin were special because we connected so well that we actually hugged each other before leaving the meeting. It was only about ten minutes later that we got an e-mail from Jess saying that they had just started grocery shopping and only got around to picking up a loaf of bread before they agreed that they wanted us to be a part of their day.

Not too many couples marry on a Friday, but this day was extra meaningful for Jess and Kevin since it was their 10th anniversary together, as well as Jess’ grandparent’s 57th wedding anniversary. The morning prep was quite calm, despite the craziness happening outside their hotel rooms due to events happening in the city like TIFF, Oktoberfest, and the outdoor art exhibition. Since their bridal party was small (one bridesmaid – Jess’ sister, and one groomsman – Kevin’s brother), we were able to talk a lot and learn about some of their not-so-best kept secrets: why Kevin always looks so put together, and the random things that makes Jess cry. Don’t worry, Kevin, I’d never spill the beans on a public page 🙂

Their theme was antique-vintage inspired, which was obvious once you saw the flowers, Jess’ headpiece (her favorite accessory of the day!), and all the décor at their hall in Liberty Grand. Bon Voyage à Paris mes amis!

Photographers – Chris and Age
Venue – Liberty Grand
Written by – Age

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