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Sofia and Scott – Mississauga Convention Center

If rain brings good fortune, Sofia and Scott are set for the rest of their lives because it rained and poured all day! Kidding aside, we always capture the bride getting dressed, but this was the first time we had the privilege of catching a mom getting her own daughter dressed as the flower girl. Too young to have learned to walk yet, their ring boy pulled their daughter down the aisle in a wagon. Those kids were so cute they *almost* stole the show!

Sofia’s mom made their TWO wedding cakes – one for display, and the other for cake cutting. The display cake was something out of Cake Boss, decked out with lights and sculptures between the tiers, jewels on the tiers, and flowers so well made they could be easily mistaken for fake ones.

Since Scott is a police officer, there were a lot other cops as guests. While on duty, they are all professional and take their work very seriously, but when off duty, these guys know how to let loose and party! The dance floor was full from the time it was open up until it was time to go. It’s a good mantra to go by : work hard, party harder :).

Photographers – Chris and Age
Venue – Mississauga Convention Center
Written by – Age

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