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Denise and Anton – Paramount Event Venue

Denise and Anton had one of the biggest bridal parties we’ve shot to date, as they included family, and friends from different stages of life – high school, university, basketball, etc. They even needed to arrange for a bus (appropriately called the “party bus”) to help transport everyone 🙂

Their day was full of love, laughter, and lots of cold weather – it’s a good thing the bridesmaids’ dresses were long ones! Their dresses actually struck me as unique, since they matched Denise’s. Her beautiful laced wedding dress almost looked like the white version of her bridesmaids’ navy dresses. However, she had an extra ‘clip on’ sheer layer that wrapped around her waist for an extra special touch. The removable portion of the dress certainly came handy when it was time to put on her dancing shoes.

Usually the dance floor is full of younger guests, peppered with a few ‘older’ guests throughout. There was one ‘older’ man that blew us away, and we’ll never forget him. When we first noticed him, he was pretty discreet just happily swaying to the music… and then the DJ mixed in Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) and he let loose! This guy had better moves than most of the people there. The more people cheered him on, the crazier he got. I’d be happy if I even have half the energy and enthusiasm this guy had when I get to his age. Hats off to him!

Photographers – Chris and Age
Venue – Paramount Event Venue
DJ – D&W
Written by – Age

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