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Heather and Ihor – St. George’s Golf and Country Club

The frigid cold is usually a sign of our wedding season starting to wind down, but this wasn’t the case for Heather and Ihor. It felt like Spring in December, with 12 degrees and no snow in sight. If it weren’t for the abundance of decorations, it would be easy to forget that Christmas was around the corner.

Heather and Ihor had an intimate wedding at St George’s Golf and Country Club with only their closest friends and family. To put things into perspective, Heather has been friends with her maid of honour for 22 years, and Ihor and his best man even longer. Both of them proved again how valuable they were as Heather’s MoH did both her hair and make-up, and Ihor’s BM saved the day with his pocket square 🙂

Just before the reception, Ihor’s parents presented them with a home-made korovia as a blessing. A Ukrainian tradition, the korovia is  a round, braided bread decorated with doves which symbolize the couple, friends and family. It’s shared by all wedding guests, each by breaking off a piece of the bread and dipping it in honey (representing sweetness) and salt (which preserves and remains unchanging) before eating. It was an awful lesson learned as I unfortunately mistook the salt for sugar and got a mouthful of salt!

Photographers – Chris and Age
Venue – St. George Golf and Country Club
Written by – Age

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St. George’s Golf and Country Club

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