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Michelle and Marijan – Tiny Beach Wedding

Michelle and Marijan are two of the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet. They’re both firefighters and live very active lifestyles spending much of their free time mountain biking, skiing and paddle boarding. Michelle told me she used to live in the city but moved out near Blue Mountain to be closer to everything she loved. So, it made complete sense that they got married in the “backyard” of her parent’s home – backyard is an understatement! Their home backs directly onto Tiny Beach (a 10 minute drive from Wasaga).

When we arrived, both Michelle and Marijan were in their swimsuits about to go for a swim. Instead of taking the time to get her hair and make-up done before the wedding, Michelle used the time to go paddle boarding and to talk to her guests. She took less than 20 minutes to ‘get ready’ before the ceremony!  And although there was no dancing, everyone still had a great time – how often do guests get to go for an evening swim and roast marshmallows over a bonfire?

Photographers – Chris and Age
Written by – Age

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